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How we Measure

Laser meter for accurate measurement. Laser distance meters have many advantages over standard measuring tools. Laser meters are faster, more accurate, and easier to use due to their ability to calculate distance quickly and with high precision. They are also portable, lightweight, and can measure distances up to hundreds of feet with high accuracy


Wall Inspection

We will share quotations as per different paint quality. Wall inspection before painting is an essential step to ensuring a smooth and successful painting job. It involves carefully assessing the condition of the walls, identifying any issues or defects, and taking appropriate measures to prepare the surface for painting. Here are some details about the wall inspection process:

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How do we Paint

Before painting, we mask window frames, panels, light fixtures, and all other important and valuable things. We conduct a thorough assessment of the area to be painted. Identify valuable items such as furniture, electronics, artwork, and other delicate possessions that may be susceptible to damage from paint splatters or dust.

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